Thursday, January 19, 2012

So Much Greatness...

Today, I'm bubbling with excitement for several friends whose book sales are skyrocketing. My face is split in a wide grin for crit friends whose manuscripts sit in my inbox. I have soooo much to say and I can't wait to get my comments and questions back to them. I wear a rosy glow on my cheeks because of a Twitter bud, who remembered me last night and sent me the story I've inquired about for months now, prompting him to "Sub that thing already!"

I want to list them all here but to do that would take FOREVAH so sadly, a summation is necessary.

The condensed version is this: If you're a writer with plans for publication, there is much to bubble about!!! I'm a simmering pot of happy today thinking about perfect timing for following this crazy dream of being an author. In the age of Twitter, e-readers and Kindlegraphs, it's plain to see we are on the cusp of HUGE changes in the way we can sit down and read a book. I mean, has anyone NOT heard of the new Coliloquy books? Tawna Fenske will change the way we read a novel. She's always rocked awesome so it's only fitting that hers will be my first Coliloquy book purchase.

So if you're one of the lucky ones smack dab in the middle of this crazy awesome rollercoaster writing biz, take heart. There are BIG opportunities headed your way!!! Keep plugging along, keep that excitement bubbling and if you need cartwheels and/or a pep talk, pat on the back, e-hugs, or know where to find me. (ever e-where!!!! LOL)

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  1. What a pick-me-up! Thanks, Val! There IS great hope for new writers!