Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fertilizing Scripts

Life is sometimes crappy. Why not use it in your writing?

No one promised us a bed of roses and who wants to read flowery greatness? Not me. I want to lie awake listening to the bumps in the night after reading about some crazed madman trying to tear down the house. Or day dreaming of some hottie and how he'll avoid being changed into a fire-breathing demon troll AND save the beautiful girl.

Frustrations of everyday humdrum real life (and sometimes crazy stressful events) seem to find their way into my manuscripts. I tend to release tension by unleashing pent up emotion and wreaking havoc on my characters. It makes for terrible (or awesome) conflict and makes me feel better that they're suffering too! That's how mean I am. :)

Everyone's going green nowadays, so why not dump all that crappitycrap into your manuscript, mix in some trouble and terror, sprinkle it with mischief and mayhem and see what sprouts? You might be surprised to find you've got a bestseller on your hands!  *supersly wink*

Happy Writing!


  1. You made me laugh. Bless you. And what sort of marvelous crap do you write, pray tell?

  2. Good points about frustration. You just have to be careful about how much you dump in.

  3. Deborah!!
    Welcome! Marvelous crap, LOL. I write whatever my characters are screaming at the moment. Mostly suspense, but I have tried my hand at some light romantic suspense. (It hasn't sold yet, so it might not be craptastic.)Thanks for stopping by and THANKS for the follow! YAY!

    Great point! Crap in moderation, please. ;D

  4. A lot of crap makes a book lush with detail and emotion. Don't let bad times remain bad times. Use 'em until you use 'em up!

  5. Good idea, Valerie. Now, instead of dreading crappy days, I can look forward to them with renewed energy. Love it!

  6. So true, crap makes the best fertilizer, and the worst drama is usually the greatest literary fodder.

    Great post! :0)

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